Australians love to invest in property!

There are two types of investors, the ones that wan’t to do it on their own, and the ones that want help, guidance, support and the majority of the work done for them.

The truth is both categories of investor both succeed and fail. Firstly if you do it on your own and succeed then you must be an excellent researcher, plain lucky, or you have Jedi powers. If you failed then maybe you realise that while investing in property is relatively simple concept, there are lots of intricacies that can potentially slow you down or derail you. Or maybe you were just plain unlucky. If you are the sort of person who would like to do it on your own then naturally Property For Wealth is not for you.

If you need support and team to facilitate the process with you then maybe we are the right match for you.

You probably are starting to work out by now this is not the typical rhetoric that you get from 99.9% of property groups out there who claim to have the “magic formula” for property investing. How do we know this…because once upon a time we were spouting the same BS. Over time we took a good hard look at ourselves and the performance of our client’s portfolio and came to the conclusion that we don’t have “magic formula”. What we do have is significant experience, expertise and credentials.

When choosing who to work with, the most essential question you should be asking is “Do they have runs on the board?”. Meaning do the people working int he business invest n property themselves? Have they had success? Have they built property portfolios?

What we will promise you is that you will never work with someone at Property For Wealth who has not invested in property. In fact you won’t work with a team member if they haven’t built a sizeable  portfolio. We have all invested in multiple properties and know what is like to have a property that doesn’t perform and know what its like to have significant property wins.

Let’s be upfront…while a lot of our clients are on to their 4 and 5th properties, not every one of our clients has invested successfully. Any company that professes that all their clients are successful might be spouting some BS again. The difference is that we know how to manage our clients through any difficult periods and put as much in place as possible at the outset to minimise any disruptions to life.

Investing in property is a long term strategy. There are no fast track options or “retire in 3 years BS”. This is not a “buy cash positive properties and leave your job” scheme either. I think we all agree that you don’t want  your investments to affect your lifestyle, but buying high cash positive properties and potentially sacrificing capital growth is futile. How do we know this…because we have tried it…and its a poor methodology.

What we do is help people invest in property in a proven way that fits with each investor’s individual circumstances. Its a dynamic tailored approach…not a one size fits all regime.

Above everything else if you are going to make a decision to work with us then understand this: We operate from a place of values…meaning honour is the cornerstone of who we are and family takes precedence above all else.

For 7 years we have operated from word of mouth and the odd small event. The majority of out clients repeat buy because we are professional at what we do and they know we have their best interest at heart.

If the above info resonates with you and you are interested in property investing then contact us for a chat.