“An up close & personal evening for 12-16 people who are genuinely interested in property investing. Get all your questions answered while we share our expertise with you.”

Are you sick of the same old property seminars where some big corporate company hires a big venue and pays some Spruiker to use not-so-clever clichés to convince you to invest through them? Had enough of being flogged an inflated property and never hearing from them again? There is a reason why they need to shove 100 people in a room? Are you fed up with being telemarketed by companies who won’t give you information and insist on sending a used car salesman to your home?

Stop it!


Property For Wealth is a boutique company specialising in helping build successful property portfolios. We value the relationships we have with our clients and are deter

mined to help them grow their wealth so they can retire early, travel, support their children, leave a legacy, contribute to greater causes, live comfortably in retirement, or whatever their goals may be.

For 5 years our client base has grown predominantly through word of mouth and referral because we created real results and relationships with our clients. This year we realised that there are many people that need help, support and expertise to ensure they can reach their financial goals, so we decided to start running events again, but in a way that people could get to know us better and feel comfortable that they can work with people that are authentic.

Why are the events limited to around 12-16 people?

Keeping the number of people around 12-16 allows the opportunity for everyone to be interactive in the presentation. We have an open question policy and we are there to answer your questions and share our expertise. When we use to do seminars with much bigger audiences we found the most informative part of the evening was question time at the end. With a smaller group we can take questions throughout the presentation and people learn a lot more from that format. We also noticed that people were reluctant to ask questions in a bigger room, so bringing the number back to around 12 in a more comfortable setting allows everyone in the room to ask their questions.

Are you selling anything on the night?

We are not selling any properties on the night and we are not upselling you into another program. Our purpose for the night is to inform you and give you insights into how to invest in property successfully, so you can make an educated decision to work with us. We are a boutique company and we are not looking for 1000’s of clients, instead we are looking for a small number of the right people who want to work with us and who we want to work with. This allows us to help you create significant wealth through property. A smaller group allows us to get to know you a little and for you to get to know us a lot more than you would sitting in a big seminar.

Are there any criteria for coming along?

IMG_0393As mentioned above, our purpose is to find the right people to work with so we can give you a high standard of service and expertise. So if you are currently unemployed then this is not for you. Also, if you want to know how to invest in property with no money down (because you have no equity in your home or no cash) then this is not for you either.

To qualify for a loan from a bank you need to have an income from your job or business. To invest in property you need equity available from existing property that you own or cash for a deposit.

Please see the criteria below:

(All amounts are either single or combined for couples)

  • Income of $35,000-$55,000 with at least $100,000 in equity or cash available
  • Income of $55,000-$80,000 with a least $60,000 in equity or cash available
  • Income of $80,000+ with at least $35,000 equity or cash available
  • Have a Super Fund Balance of $140,000 with regular contributions going into it

Do you help us invest or do you just educate?

Our clients are people who are busy with work, family, sport, hobbies, and life and do not have the time nor the expertise to do all the running around, the extensive research, finding the right finance, properties, quantity surveyors, lawyers, accountants etc. We are a “do it for you” business we have all those experts if you need them as part of your team. We have an emphasis in building a relationship with you so we understand you goals and then formulate strategies to help you achieve them through property.  Your role is to understand the education and the strategies so you can take action by allowing us to help build you a successful portfolio.