Expert property consultants…expert property researchers…expert property agents

Most people would love to have a team of experienced professionals assisting them in property investment and ultimately achieving their financial goals. AT Property For Wealth that is exactly what you get. Combined, the team at PFW has over 80 years of experience in property, finance and wealth creation.

Principal, Jason Currie and his team of consultants offer expert strategy and consulting services for investors.  Coupled with an expert Licensed Real Estate Division managed by Licensee Carolyn Archibald, you have a powerful team to help you build very successful property portfolio.

Property For Wealth values relationships above anything else. From experience we know that the clients we have the best relationships with build the most successful property portfolios. There has to be a reason to invest in property and create wealth. We are interested in understanding what’s important to you and how we can help you achieve your goals. Creating the strategy and implementing becomes easy when you are clear on where you are and why.